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I'm just tying up a few loose ends here. I think it's been quite evident but, this journal is now closed.

I had a great run here and I've got nothing but good memories and friends that I'll miss, but really it's just time. Take care of yourselves.

Special loves to go Alyn McCauley and Ville Nieminen for giving me some of the most fun nights I've ever had on here. I'll miss you two the most. Also special thanks to all the Sens for being so open and welcome and just plain awesome.

Robbie, you know where to find me. I'll see you tomorrow.
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thanks for everything Tom. It meant a lot to me.
See ya, TP. Have fun! :)
The good lord has his eye on you Son.
Put your best foot forward and live your best life.
You are in my prayers Son.

All the best
Ottawa will miss your presence I am sure.

Blessings and Happiness
you're Preissing in the right direction. lol